– company was established in 2002 but its history reaches to the year 1993.
– nowadays there are employed 155 employees, the turnover is more than 3.600 thousands EUR per year
– is engaged in:

1) Engineering manufacturing
– Plant in Ostrava

  • Custom manufacture of parts and components per customers needs, standards or in accordance with customer supplied documentation.
  • A part of our manufacturing is a range of mining equipment, first of all, it includes replacement parts for powered roof supports, armoured face conveyers, stage loaders, belt conveyers, belt lifts.
  • Welded parts of up to 5 tonnes are manufactured, including machining.
  • We ensure manufacturing of replacement parts, hydraulic elements, hydraulic rolls, presses and gearboxes.
  • We machine replacement parts for lifting and manipulating technics.Manufacturing opportunities:
    – Horizontal boring machines WH10-CNC
    (X – 1200 mm, Y – 900 mm),
    – Horizontal boring machines W100A
    (X 1600 mm, Y – 1100 mm), Horizontal boring machines W100B-CNC/25 (Heidenhain iTNC530)
    – Turning machines SV18R max diameter 200 mm,
    extent 1100 mm,
    – Turning machines SU40, max. diameter 400 mm,
    extent 1200 mm,
    – Boring machine VR4.1,
    – Milling cutter FA3AD

2) Assembling For automotive industry
for automotive industry

3) Exercises retraining centre
in engineering lines (metal-working and locksmith). This centre is accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

4) Personal and working agency
licenced by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Among others we arrange Czech and Slovak employees for work in EU countries.